Forget Leadership… Be a Great Follower.

31 03 2010

A few days ago I was talking with my good friend and co-laborer Will Briggs on Followership.  He oversees our Connection Ministry… Will has an incredibly sharp mind, is an expert in all things connection and has a heart for helping people get connected.  He’s also an amazing Dad and Leader  

Over coffee he shared and we further sharpened “4 keys to Following Well.”   In my opinion: “The Best Leaders are even better at Following.”   I believe if you can’t follow well you’ll never really lead effectively.  Moses’s brothers and sisters learned this, Jesus modeled it, we’re to practice it…

Four Keys to Following well

1) Make your Leader look good (Col 3:23)

2) Be Holy / Humble / Healthy (Lev 11:44-45)

3) Be Easy to Lead (Ps 32)

4) Push back without Rebellion (Phil 2:14-15)

Now go on…  Get busy Following…


It’s the Body of Christ… NOT the Blob of Christ

7 03 2010

My body, like yours has shape, function, bones, tendons, eyes, a mind, muscles, structure, these different parts all working together so that we live a life… We are able to accomplish much individually and are limitless when working together.

Too many churches don’t look like “a body” at all… there’s really no structure, function, purpose or intentionally throughout the congregation.  Instead there’s a small structure at the top (clergy or staff) in which the rest of the congregants rely on.  These few staff or “professionals” do all the work while the the congregants do what they please…  These poor professionals have it rough, doing so much… It’s like asking your eye to do he work of your ears and your legs or your hand to do the work of your nose and your knee… it doesn’t work very well if at all.

The rest of the church body just “blobs around” formless and shapeless moving where ever the wind blows, spirit moves or programs take them. No focus or direction… living a culture’s mercy.  The blob (kinda like a jellyfish) is formless, strategy-less and ultimately useless…

No wonder so many churches are ineffective and so many ministers burnout…

At Southland we are passionately forming, growing and mobilizing our members to make up and Be the Body of Christ.  We’re forming Intentional Discipleship Groups (our bones and muscles) to equip, transform and multiply.  We’re releasing and mobilizing Missional Communities (our hands and feet) to be a light to neighborhoods, strip clubs, homeless areas, skate-parks, schools, suburbia, etc.  It’s all these different parts working together with one Focus: The Love of Christ and one Mission: More ground for the Kingdom…. as the Body of Christ.

We’re not static and we’re not satisfied… were constantly: Seeing where people need to be Loved.  Touching the hurt and the oppressed. Hearing the shouts and cries of a fallen world. Moving forward as one Body with one Mission.

Ephesians 4:15-16 “Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ. 16From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.

What’s your church? Body? or Blob?

Genesis… it starts with Disco…

4 03 2010

By way of introduction I’d like to quickly outline the reason for my banner at the top of the page… while I do love disco (my wife was born in the 70s) my banner choice was strategic.

1) When Southland got super-focused about reaching out to the community they called the movement “Circles of Influence” spurred by  the question: “If Southland closed its doors, would the community even notice?”  Current leaders wanted to ensure the answer would be a resounding “yes.”   The rippling circles of light (from the disco ball) remind me of the call of Christ to continually claim more ground for Him…. always more ground for the Kingdom…  Thanks to the “Circles of Influence” movement we’ve impacted thousands of lives and feel like we’re just getting started.

2) I love the tiny square mirrors in the disco ball… that’s the body of Christ… each of us uniquely reflecting light… not creating it… but reflecting it… and all together we shine bright making a Kingdom-Impact to those around us.  It truly takes all of us, united, focused and wise to transform the world.  Working together is key… we’re calling to be the Body of Christ… not the Blob of Christ (more on that later)

3) Notice the ball is connected by a rope (or something) and relies on that piece of rope entirely to stay in the air.  Jesus says “apart from me you can do  nothing”  It’s only when we’re all focused on Him, connected, dependent, in an intimate relationship with Him that true power can be unleashed.  Christ and Community… essentials for a: transformed life, an eternal life and an eternal difference in the world.

There’s the highlights!

Lots of Kingdom-breakthrough (Chris can tell you more about that: in both raising up leaders and transforming neighborhoods here at SCC!  More to come!

Now… back to my Disco.