Forget Leadership… Be a Great Follower.

31 03 2010

A few days ago I was talking with my good friend and co-laborer Will Briggs on Followership.  He oversees our Connection Ministry… Will has an incredibly sharp mind, is an expert in all things connection and has a heart for helping people get connected.  He’s also an amazing Dad and Leader  

Over coffee he shared and we further sharpened “4 keys to Following Well.”   In my opinion: “The Best Leaders are even better at Following.”   I believe if you can’t follow well you’ll never really lead effectively.  Moses’s brothers and sisters learned this, Jesus modeled it, we’re to practice it…

Four Keys to Following well

1) Make your Leader look good (Col 3:23)

2) Be Holy / Humble / Healthy (Lev 11:44-45)

3) Be Easy to Lead (Ps 32)

4) Push back without Rebellion (Phil 2:14-15)

Now go on…  Get busy Following…




2 responses

31 03 2010

What a great truth. I, unfortunately, had to learn this lesson the hard way… about two dozen times… over about a five year period. But it is the first step towards leadership. Thanks for bringing it up.

1 04 2010

Great stuff B. These are some good points to chew on for quite a while. You are spot on – leading begins with following. You are great at both. Thanks for the insight.

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